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Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

This handsome little guy came to see us for his newborn photography session, and we are so glad he did! It really was meant to be though! We happened to have a last minute session available AND his awesome parents live just blocks from our home studio! Literally minutes away from us. Another Burbank family! I’ll admit when mom emailed me ahead of time to let me know that her sweet boy “tends to get fussy quickly when not held. So I’m not sure if that will affect your session, but thought I should warn you.”, I was a teeny bit worried. (Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles)

In the end, though, there was nothing to worry about! This baby was a total rockstar during his session and we were able to capture so many wonderful shots of him! After photographing hundreds of babies since 2010, our process is completely nailed down now. Being highly in tune with baby’s cues and recreating the fourth trimester is the really trick. A warm room temp, heart beat soundtrack, shushing, and cozy swaddles. Babies can’t resist! 

We are so happy for this awesome family of three! It was easy to see how smitten mom and dad were with their new little love! So happy we could capture this special time in their lives. Here are a few of our favorites from this wonderful newborn baby photo shoot. xo, Jess

Baby Studio Photography Los AngelesInitially, all our newborn sessions start off with what we call “bare baby” shots. This means that we are gently posing baby into a variety of different poses on just fabric for a clean, simple look. Babies have to be super sleepy to capture these shots! And since baby usually arrives in a deep sleep from the car ride over, we go for these first. Mom mentioned in the pre-session questionnaire that she loved this pose, so we made sure to capture it!

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

Then it was time to play with a few accessories. The softest alpaca sleepy hat and matching wrap in this soft shade of blue looked so perfect on him!

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

Over the should angles are Matt’s favorite- especially as a vertical. This would make a beautiful framed print. Sleeping baby looking so peaceful.

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

One more angle, just because I love this set up so darn much!

Moving on to our second pose, my favorite! Love how his little feet are peeking out and the textured blue wrap gives this image a subtle pop of color.

One more over the shoulder angle- just so sweet. His hair looks so soft and angelic.

Baby Studio Photography Los AngelesLast, we ended the fabric shots with this pose. He is just so peaceful and was sleeping perfectly through all of these shots!

Baby Studio Photography Los AngelesOh my! One of my absolute favorite shots from the session. Here he is wrapped in my all time favorite 100% cashmere swaddle wrap. Look how cozy he is! You can see how content his little face is. Our white washed barn wood floor is one of our favorites, especially with the rustic blue bowl. Creating artistic set ups like this is one of best aspects of offering baby studio photography in Los Angeles.

Baby Studio Photography Los AngelesSwoon worthy head on shot!

It’s so important to us that we capture all the different angles of baby. Parents want to remember just how their little babe’s face was as a newborn, from every angle!

Ten tiny toes!

All the details unique to this sweet boy.

Gently brought his little arm out to cuddle our custom hand made felted fox. Isn’t he the cutest sleeping fox ever?

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

Next up was this grey metal bowl set up! Love this grey blue color and coordinating marled sleep hat. The #1 requested boy hat! How cute are his little hands. He positioned them completely on his own!

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

At just 11 days old, looking so incredibly handsome!

(Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles)

So comfy. Did you know we use special newborn pillows under baby’s head in all our prop shots? Ultimately, the key to a beautiful newborn portrait, is a peaceful expression on baby. Having baby’s head well supported and feeling secure is the only way to achieve this. Prior to taking any shots, I take quite a bit of time with each set up to ensure pillows are well positioned and supporting baby perfectly.

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

The last prop we used was our wood baby bed. It just fits our newborns perfectly! This darker blue grey is such a nice shade on him.Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

Because nothing beats a fuzzy teddy bear hat! Our studio is stocked with this handmade angora teddy hat in five different colors!

Last, we ended the session with a textured gray flokati background. This backdrop gives such a different look. We keep this background in gray, teddy bear brown, dusty pink and cream on hand in our prop collection!

And, perfect timing! Awake! Like, “are we done yet?”. 🙂

Baby Studio Photography Los Angeles

Matt Cramer Photography is a husband and wife professional Los Angeles California newborn photography team. They specialize in newborn, baby and cake smash photography in Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California areas including but not limited to Studio City, Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, La Canada, Encino, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Altadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Ventura County and Orange County. We offer baby studio photography in Los Angeles.

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