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Anticipation or the sweet chaos of a newborn's arrival—whether you're eagerly awaiting or already navigating the whirlwind of early parenthood, you've found your way to the magical realm of newborn photography. Whether this has been on your radar for months or is a sudden realization, questions are bound to bubble up, and we're here to make sure you have all the joyful answers you need.


Let's embark on this journey together! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from parents contemplating the beautiful world of newborn photography:

When is the best time to book my newborn photoshoot?

Is is better to book before or after your baby has arrived? It is never too early to get on our newborn photo shoot schedule! Your best bet is to book in your second or third trimester. Why? We only accept a limited amount of newborns each month. We do this to account for the extra wiggle room we need in our calendar to accommodate each baby's arrival. Generally, we are booked for newborn sessions 4-6 weeks in advance.

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

You might be wondering how old baby should be for their newborn photoshoot with us. We always aim to schedule our sessions when baby is around 8-14 days old. This is when baby is super sleepy, snuggly and still curly from the womb. They are more easily molded into those squishy newborn poses! On top of this, they are less likely to be disturbed when posing or moving to props. We also don't have to worry as much about jaundice or baby acne. Check out this "When to Take Newborn Photos" blog post for a more info!

How long is a newborn photoshoot?

The length of the session depends on your package choice, but generally newborn photos can take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. Our Mini Swaddle session typically lasts 1-1.5 hours, our Classic session averages 2 hours, and for our Deluxe Family session you can expect 2.5-3 hours. We always allow for plenty of time for soothing and feedings during our sessions! We only book one newborn a day, so we are able to take our time with each baby. sessions are never rushed and always we go at baby's pace.

Is two weeks too old for newborn photos?

Not at all! Most newborn photographers will tell you your baby has to be photographed within the first two weeks of birth. However, we always say this is just a guideline, not a hard rule. Newborn photos can absolutely be held at or past two weeks. And we often do! The key here is realistic expectations. After two weeks, newborns tend to be more alert, less sleepy and wake easier while be posed or wrapped. So we just have to make adjustments to the session. We can plan for more swaddled and wrapped set ups. Maybe we get less or no bare baby poses, or baby will be awake in more of the photos. Doesn't matter! Your baby will still be captured perfectly. Just as they are, in that moment of their lives. And ps, we have a really great track record when it comes to "older" newborns. Check out this great blog post "Older Newborn Pictures- Am I Too Late?" for examples of photoshoots with newborns past two weeks.

Do you include siblings in your newborn photography?

Siblings three years old and over can be included in newborn photos. We like to remind parents that while we always try to capture great sibling shots, at the end of the day it will really depend on what the little ones are game for. Sibling shots can be great when they work, but we like to stress that they are not the focus of our newborn sessions. We have had a rough go with sibling shots in the past- with siblings wanting nothing to do with baby or not wanting to be photographed at all. So we just like to mention that it can be a 50/50 chance with the sibling shots. Typically siblings arrive separately about an hour after the session starts and then we try for a few different shots with newborn and sibling, as well as everyone together with newborn. We try for about 30-45 minutes, and if they aren't having it we move on, as we don't like to take too much time away from the baby only shots. Once their shots are done, someone should be available to leave with them. Newborn sessions are much too long and hot for siblings!

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