Can you believe it? In the blink of an eye, your tiny newborn has blossomed into a big one-year-old, ready to conquer the world one cake at a time! Our cake smash photoshoots are the perfect way to celebrate this incredible milestone. we always start each session with shots of just baby and then move on to the cake smash. Imagine capturing your little ones's range of expressions at this age. From curious, inquisitive looks to joyful giggles, deep wonder to those adorable pouty moments- everything that makes your baby uniquely them! Every photo we take is like a window into their blossoming personality, memories that you'll treasure forever. In our experience, some will delight in their first taste of birthday cake, and some will be a little unsure! But our goal is always the same: to capture not just a joyful celebration, but also the amazing journey of growth over the past year.


Let's create fun, heartwarming memories together, celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime milestone with laughter, love, and maybe a little frosting on the nose!

questions for your los angeles CAKE SMASH photographer


What is a Cake Smash?

A 'cake smash' is an adorable and increasingly popular trend in baby portrait photography, especially for commemorating the all-important first birthday. It's a creative and joyful way to celebrate this significant milestone in your baby's life. During a cake smash session, we set up a fun, festive environment and let your little one have their very own birthday cake to play with. The idea is simple yet delightful: babies are encouraged to do what they do best with the cake - smash it! Whether they dive right in, getting cake in every possible place, or if they're a bit more hesitant, requiring a gentle nudge to start the fun, every reaction is priceless. Our job is to capture these spontaneous, adorable moments, ensuring you have unforgettable photos of your baby’s first adventurous taste of birthday fun. Note this is a studio session where we focus on baby only (no family or sibling shots).


What is included in the Cake Smash photoshoot?

Our cake smash photo session is a delightful two-part adventure for your baby's first birthday. In the first setup, we aim for clean, classic portraits that capture your baby's milestones. Set against neutral-colored backdrop with a selection of simple yet charming props, these photos highlight your baby's personality and cuteness. You can choose from the adorable outfits from our studio wardrobe collection or bring some favorites from home. parents typically bring 2-3 outfits from home for shots prior to the cake smash, and we also have a nice selection of adorable handmade outfits, knit overalls, custom knit rompers, hats, headbands, etc. that fit the average 12 month old and go well with our style of photography. Between what parents bring from home and what we have here, we narrow down and decide together the best outfits to use for the pre-cake smash shots.

Then comes the highlight of the session – the cake smash! This setup is more vibrant and festive, tailored to celebrate your baby's big day. The best part? We have the process completely nailed down! Once we decide on the color theme, we provide a custom cake (pending no food allergies), beautiful balloons, cake stand and cake topper! If your baby has food allergies we ask that you plan for and bring your own cake.


What does my baby wear for the Cake Smash?

GIRLS: there are two set ups that are the most popular here.

"Pink set up": Light pink balloons, pink rosette cake, light cream background paired with a beautiful custom faint pink, cream and light gold tutu and mini crown headband.


"Floral set up": beautiful hanging floral circles, natural naked cake with floral embellishment at base, light cream background paired with a neutral outfit.These are popular choices for parents, as they don't have to shop around or purchase anything! If parents prefer a different color story, we also have a few other beautiful, solid color tutus to choose from!


Both can be seen in this photo collage of baby girl cake smashes we've done:

collage of cake smash photoshoots

BOYS: the balloon background with an adorable felt "1" crown from the Etsy shop Little Blue Olive is by far the most popular choice here for boys!

These are the top choices:

"Light": Light cream background, silver gray balloons, grey ombre cake on a wood slice cake stand paired with cream outfit

"Dark": Thunder grey background, silver gray balloons, grey ombre cake on a wood slice cake stand paired with either denim bottoms, suspender and bow tie outfit or neutral sweater knit shorties.

Both can be seen in this photo collage of baby boy cake smashes we've done:

collage of boy theme cake smashes

We can also play with the balloon colors too! Parents will order the felt "1" crown in the color that matches the balloons or the cake and will often reuse for baby's one year birthday party or family gathering!


What time do the sessions start?

We try to work around baby's nap schedule, offering either a 10:30am or 11:30am start time. We kindly request parents to ensure their little one is well-rested, fed, and happy for their photoshoot. Good planning can really help in making the session a success. If your baby happens to fall ill, it's essential to reschedule the appointment. Given the number of newborns we work with, adhering to this policy is crucial for everyone's well-being and is non-negotiable. Please do not schedule your session if you have recently started any kind of sleep training.


How long will the session last?

This session normally lasts about 1-1.5 hours, depending on when the birthday baby says they are done! We always try for a few outfits prior to the cake smash, but if we feel like we are losing baby at any point, we go straight to the cake smash.

can't recommend them enough!

Jess and Matt are absolutely amazing. I can't recommend them enough! They are super talented. Their studio is super cozy and their patience is amazing to be able to shoot all these great shots. I've been recommending them to all my friends and family that are expecting.





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