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Welcome to the world of newborn photography at Matt Cramer Photography, an award-winning studio in Los Angeles, CA. Here, Matt and Jess specialize in creating safe, artistic, and beautifully posed newborn photographs in a studio setting that feels like home. Our sessions are tailored to make every moment count, with a wide array of wraps, headbands, knit rompers, props, and blankets to ensure a seamless and smooth photoshoot.

Attention to detail is at the heart of our work. We set our studio to the perfect temperature for your baby's comfort and use the gentle lull of the Baby Shusher to create a soothing atmosphere. This level of care and preparation is what sets us apart, ensuring each newborn is ready for a beautiful, and most importantly, peaceful photography experience.

The ideal time for capturing your newborn in our studio is when they are 9-17 days old. In this tender age window, we focus on detailed posing that highlights the delicate beauty of your little one. We also take the opportunity to capture those precious family and sibling portraits, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's the first solo shots of your newborn or the entire family coming together, we're here to make these moments unforgettable.


Our Goal

Nothing gives us more artistic satisfaction than capturing photos of your sweet newborn. We thrive on creating a work of art where your brand new baby is the purest of subjects. It truly drives us during each and every photoshoot to capture your baby in the most beautiful light and the most luxurious, organic inspired set ups. We notice and take time for the details.....perfectly placing every tiny finger into place, gently shifting baby's chin every so slightly for the most flattering angles, adjusting padding under baby's head for the best position to the light, extra smooth and artistic swaddle wraps for a polished look. These are just a few of the many details we notice and what sets our work apart.


SAFETY and Precautions

Our newborn sessions are never rushed, allowing for both soothing and feeding breaks throughout. Your baby's comfort and safety is paramount to us, which is why you will always have two of us tending to your baby. Both Matt and Jess are current on all vaccinations, including the Covid-19 and Whooping Cough/Tdap immunizations. As parents ourselves, we know first hand how precious and sensitive those first few weeks can be. We've been there. Our goal is to provide the most welcoming, calming and comforting environment from the moment you step through our doors. We open our studio to you and your new little love, so that we can provide the highest quality service.

The safety of your newborn is our highest priority. With over 1600+ newborns photographed to date, you can rest assured that we have years of experience in photographing and safely handling newborns. Your new baby will be in extremely loving, capable and safe hands.



Upon arrival, your newborn will immediately be embraced by the warm temperature, soothed by the heart beat and womb sounds on our Sonos system, calmed by the faint lavender scent diffusing in the air and comforted by the very loving, baby whispering hands of Jess. As we are busy creating art with your baby, you are free to truly relax in the adjacent parent area. It will give you some much needed time to take a nap (almost everyone does, don't be shy), have some quiet time, or catch up on any emails, texts, calls, etc. Many of our clients are surprised that they really have nothing to do while they are here for baby's session. The biggest "to do" might be for one of you to run out and pick up a bite at any of the local spots all within walking distance. During the session we will take baby very gently through a variety of poses; some "bare baby" shots and some "prop" shots, depending on your package choice, capturing multiple angles, perspectives and those tiny details along the way. We find that a combination of looks gives a beautiful variety of images in your proofing gallery and clients are always grateful for a diverse collection to choose from. We will also take a break or two for a cuddle, a feeding or a diaper change throughout the session and sometimes can call parents over for a quick peek at their sweet love looking absolutely angelic in their set up. If you have chosen to include parent shots with baby, we typically capture these in the middle of each photo shoot. We will take you through our work flow that includes shots of parents with baby, together and individually, capturing different angles and expressions as we go.



We conclude the session only after we feel we've captured the shots we need to present a beautiful proofing gallery to you. For our Mini Swaddle newborn photoshoot, you can expect a 1 hour session, for our Classic newborn photo shoot, you can expect a 1.5-2 hour session, and for our Deluxe Family newborn plus parent photoshoot you can expect a 2.5-3 hour session. As Matt covers next steps, when to expect your proofing gallery and how to order your images, Jess will hand you back your clean, freshly diapered and fully dressed little love. We will show you a handful of the custom portrait products that we offer, like our Heirloom Newborn Album, Grandparent Brag Book, Reclaimed Barnwood Frame, Metal Wall Prints, etc. and answer any questions you might have.



We typically schedule all newborn photos within the first 8-17 days of birth. This is when babies are still in their sleepiest state and can pose easily into those beautiful, curly newborn poses. Sometimes we can push this a bit by a few days, especially if baby arrived early, spent any time in the NICU or is still getting back to birth weight.

For the actual timing of your newborn session; once your contract and retainer are received we would add your due date to our newborn schedule. We ask that you then add us to your "baby is here!" email/text list, so we can be sure to stay up to date as to when baby is on the way. As soon as we get word that baby has arrived, we will then schedule the actual date of your newborn session, typically anywhere from 8-17 days of birth, depending on our schedule. We always account for a little wiggle room if baby decides to come early or late. We like to remind parents that the scheduling of the newborn session is completely dependent on our schedule and will be a date that we assign once baby has actually arrived.


All newborn photoshoots are held on weekdays only at 10:30am. All our our equipment, studio lights and props are set up and ready to go. We do not offer in-home sessions.



We provide all props for our newborn sessions; baskets, crates, bowls, wraps, little hats, bonnets, headbands, blankets, etc. We have curated an extensive prop collection over the years. Many of our pieces have been custom made for our photo studio from our favorite vendors and most of our wraps and layering fabrics come from high end Italian mills. We hand wash all our delicate props in a free and clear natural detergent and all our blankets are run through a sanitizing wash cycle after every use. Additionally, anything that we can not wash extremely well, like our delicate dried floral headbands, are placed in our UV light sterilizer for two full sanitizing cycles.



We are a professional, fully licensed and insured business. Please note that this business is both Matt and Jess' full time employment; not a part time job or hobby. We invest back into our business, pay taxes, and are quite serious about maintaining the utmost professional and fair services to our clients.



Our packages are priced to account for both the amount of digital files given as well as the time devoted to each session. Due to our busy shooting schedule and in fairness to all our clients, we do not offer any kind of discount or promotions on any of our newborn photography packages. We are NOT an IPS (In Person Sales) photography studio that requires you to come back to the studio to view your proofs and order product in person. We provide high resolution digital files in all our packages which you are free to use to print on your own, create birth announcements, albums, etc.



We do also offer products like albums, reclaimed barnwood frames, metal prints and more, however we do not require our families to purchase product from us.




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