Common Questions

Common Questions

When is the best time to book my newborn photography session?

It is never too early to get on our newborn photo shoot schedule! Most clients book with us in the second or third trimester of their pregnancy. We only accept a limited amount of newborns each month to account for the extra wiggle room we need in our calendar to accomodate each baby's arrival.  Generally, we are booked for newborn sessions 4-6 weeks in advance.

How soon will my newborn session take place after birth?

We like to photograph newborns within the first two weeks of birth. During this timeframe, newborns are quite sleepy, snuggly and still curly from the womb and are more easily molded into those squishy newborn poses. A few days prior to your actual session date, Jess will send you an "at home prep" email that just goes over a few things to best prepare for your newborn portrait session with us.

How long will my newborn session last?

Newborn sessions that include shots of the baby only typically last 1.5 hours.  If you choose the package that includes parent shots with the baby, you can expect a 2.5 hour session.  We always allow for plenty of time for soothing and feedings during our sessions, and take our time with each baby.  Our sessions are never rushed and we go at baby's pace.

My baby is already past two weeks old, is it too late?

It is usually still possible to capture your baby outside the two week window, however, the images we capture for you might not be similiar to the newborn images you see on our website.  Our newborn portfolio contains images of babies 7-14 days old.  It will be likely that some of your images could be of an awake baby, and maybe not as many asleep, curly "newborn" images.  After two weeks old, newborns tend to be less sleepy and wake easier while be posed or wrapped.  For these sessions, we plan for more swaddled and wrapped set ups.

Do you include siblings in your newborn sessions?

We do. We like to remind parents that we always try to capture great sibling shots, but at the end of the day it will really depend on what they are game for. Sibling shots can be great when they work, however, we like to stress that they are not the focus of our newborn sessions. We try for a set amount of time and if it is proving to be too challenging or unsafe in any way to the newborn, we move on. We kindly ask that you do not set high expecations for your toddler at the newborn session; and especially for siblings three years old and under.

Do you offer any discounts or specials?

We do not. We understand there are newer photographers that might offer less expensive options, along with less experience. We do not compete with new photographers. We stand behind our work, experience, and products and have accounted for this in our pricing. For this reason, we do not offer any kind of discounts or reductions on our work. We thank you for your understanding.

Do you offfer Family/Holiday sessions?

We are currently only accepting new clients for newborn and baby sessions. We do not offer Family sessions, but are happy to recommend a few other local photographers for this.

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