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Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

I can’t even with this session. Just can’t. This sweet, gorgeous baby, the hair, his adoring, easy going, down to earth, fabulous parents, and what? They live in Burbank, too! Their commute to this session probably took exactly four minutes. Kidding, but wow, we have had a lot of our tiny clients coming from our very own Burbank lately. Mom was a real planner and was on our Los Angeles newborn photography session schedule for three months! We do recommend booking your newborn photo session with us in your fifth or sixth month of pregnancy to ensure a spot on our schedule. (Infant Photography Session Los Angeles).

This session was our Deluxe Baby Only Collection, where we focused on shots of just baby. And well, he was kind of a super rockstar baby for his session with us. He snoozed away the entire shoot, opened his eyes for 2.2 seconds and then went right back to sleep. His hair had me at hello and from the moment he came through our doors I knew what colors I’d be using on him. Looking at his skin tone, hair and features, I was immediately drawn towards lighter cream tones, gray, and light blues. He looked perfect in all of it! Here are a few of our favorite images from this Burbank baby photography session. xo, Jess

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

In our newborn sessions, we always start with baby on fabric shots. These photos give a different feel than our prop shots. Both are beautiful in their own artistic way. This bare baby pose is my all time favorite and is the pose we always start with. This custom knit alpaca wrap has just the right amount of texture and flow that I like. We get this shot, where baby is covered and wrap is flowing behind baby, requested a lot!

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesI gently guide baby into the next pose- cute little sleepy, bum up pose. Just baby, so simple.

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesOh this boy, just so sweet! Peacefully slept through another pose, and this was the one his parents chose. Profile shots in black and white are always a parent favorite!

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesLast, we captured this cute, side laying pose. And then he flashed us a little smile. GAH.

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Switching to prop shots, we started with this light blue wrap and cream texture. Such a light and airy color combination! His little peaceful smirk is just perfect.

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Oh hello there handsome! During the 2.2 seconds he opened his eyes, we captured it! Sleeping baby shots are the #1 goal of our newborn photo shoots, but if baby does wake or opens their eyes, we always photograph it. Parents love these shots because in these first few weeks, they really don’t wake for long periods of time.

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesAdded a little matching sleepy hat to complete this nest look. Matt always makes sure I do a “toes out” wrap at least once during the photo session. It gives him an opportunity to capture macro shots of those ten tiny toes.

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesClose ups of those beautiful, tiny features.

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesMom and Dad loved the sweet details of every feature on his face. It won’t be long until this tiny face is an on-the-move toddler.

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Next we moved to our textured background look. It gives a totally different look to the proof gallery and parents love all this texture!

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesThis shot needs to be made into a huge canvas and hung on a wall! If we had to pick one shot from the session, this would be it. It’s funny that I don’t really know how this set up came into the session flow. But we sure are happy we shot it. I think it was the way his wrap came out- so perfectly snug and clean. Immediately, we thought it should be the focus of the shot, so we used just a classic black background. Putting all the focus on baby and his pure newborn beauty. This is how our sessions go sometimes though- a wrap happens, we envision something, and we make it happen on the fly.

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Those little hands and curled up toes.

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesLast, we moved to an all grey set up and I just HAD to add in our new custom felted fox lovey. The way the rust in the fox and the wood bowl brings out his hair is gorgeous!

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesHe was still snoozing deeply at this point….

Infant Photography Session Los AngelesCouldn’t help but add a little bear hat AND a bear lovey. Had to. 🙂

Infant Photography Session Los Angeles

Matt Cramer Photography is a husband and wife professional Los Angeles California newborn photography team. They specialize in newborn, baby and cake smash photography in Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California areas including but not limited to Studio City, Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, La Canada, Encino, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Altadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Ventura County and Orange County. 

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