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Newborn Photography Near Me | Los Angeles

We’re absolutely over the moon every time a family picks us for their ‘newborn photography near me’ search! It’s always a blast, and this family’s session was no exception – it was so much fun photographing them and capturing the beautiful love between them. It all started with mom doing a quick search for ‘newborn photography near me’ and guess what? She found us on Yelp! There she was able to read all our reviews that our wonderful clients have left for us. Although her handsome baby boy was already home from the hospital, she reached out to us to see if we had any last minute newborn photoshoots available. Since some of our pre-booked newborns were past their due dates, luck would have it that we did!

Setting up their portrait shoot was a breeze, and when they walked into our studio, the room lit up with their smiles – we just couldn’t wait to freeze these special moments in time. The family was picture-perfect: a dashing dad, a stunning mom, a super cute three-year-old big brother, and, of course, the star of the show – their newest addition, a 15-day-old new born. Talk about the perfect combo to make for a truly magical photo shoot.

Here’s a sneak peek of some favorites from their Los Angeles newborn photography adventure.

Newborn Photoshoot with Props

Wood Baby Bed

new born baby boy posed in wood baby bed prop

Right from the start, this little sweet boy was a photographer’s dream! When we are doing sibling and family shots in a session, we always ask parents if it’s possible to bring just baby at the start of the session. Our preference is to work with newborn baby for about an hour before any siblings arrive. This way we can have some time to capture those special portraits of just baby without any distractions.

Since we had a lot of shots to get through, we got to work as soon as mom arrived with just baby boy. Our first look was this dark grey and blue set up using our adorable wooden baby bed prop. The colors were just right for his skin tone. It was this photo session where we first started to play with some greenery and we love the way it turned out. The eucalyptus adds a perfect organic touch to this image.

infant baby boy wearing sleepy hat during newborn photography session.

Time to add a little matching sleepy hat! When baby has a lot of hair we usually don’t cover it up with a hat. But this little knitted newborn hat was just too cute and mom indicated on her session questionnaire that she preferred a mix of shots with and without hats. It matches his knit wrap perfectly. Our infant photography studio is stocked with so many matching wrap and hat sets! There are too many to count these days! All of our sets are custom handmade for our newborn photography studio.

newborn baby snuggling with little fox

We finished photographing this look with just one more variation. We couldn’t resist tucking in a little felted mini fox while he snoozed away. The way his little hand is holding him close is just too cute! This little fox prop is just perfect for a rustic woodland nursery theme and we use it all the time. Our collection of little felted props has grown quite a bit over the last year! Including many teddy bears, a giraffe, an elephant, a squirrel, a fox, mini hearts and more.

Metal Bowl

newborn baby boy in swaddle wrap during a photo shoot

Next we transitioned baby into this slate blue look. Isn’t it gorgeous against this light rustic wood backdrop? The two toned swaddle wrap matches perfectly with the soft chunky blanket under him. Add a little newborn pillow under his head and this look was complete! We love how blissed out he looks! For us, our work is all about the serenity each of our images evoke. To find this serenity, baby has to be so relaxed that it really shows! A comfortable baby is a sleepy baby. Which is a beautifully photographed baby!

vertical shot of newborn baby wearing knit hat

A perfect vertical shot of baby’s face is always a parent favorite. This is the ideal shot for a framed print on mom or dad’s desk at work or at home. Matt always includes some vertical shots in our proof galleries so parents have options when it comes to prints to frame. We added a little grey sleepy hat for variety and it frames his face so perfectly.

macro close up of baby's face
Newborn Photography Near Me | Los Angeles Baby Boy Photo Session

No photo shoot with Matt Cramer Photography is complete without a macro close up of your baby’s beautiful face. Since Matt comes from a film background, he is always looking to tell the story. The entire story of your baby during those first few weeks of life. Part of this is documenting in extreme close detail every little feature of your baby’s new born face. From eyelashes, lips, and that sweet little nose. All of these details are so important and ones you will want to remember forever.

Textured Flokati Backdrop

baby boy in los angeles newborn photography shoot

Next we moved on to our textured background look. Here we use a flokati rug that is made specifically for newborn photography. Although we have just about every color in this background, this medium grey is the absolute number one request for boys! With a new swaddle wrap technique, we were ready to shoot again. This time the wrap showed off his tiny little toes- so cute!

Newborn Photography with Sibling

baby boy and sibling brother in photo shoot

During this session, mom and baby arrived first and when we were ready for sibling and family shots about an hour later, dad arrived with sibling. Finally, it was time for big brother’s turn! Look how happy he was to be posing with his new baby brother! We always spend some time getting to know siblings and loosening them up for the camera. Some are easy to open up and others take a bit of extra time to get comfortable. This guy was a piece of cake though. He thought Matt was hilarious with all his fart sounds coming from the behind the camera!

big brother counting baby's toes

How many toes does your little brother have? Count them for us!

Toddler sibling kissing baby newborn brother

Now, can you give your brother a little kiss? This awesome kiddo was game for anything! He just LOVED his new baby brother!

big brother with baby in newborn photo shoot in Los Angeles

This shot just melts our hearts. The way he is gazing at his new baby brother, taking him in. If you can’t tell, we had so much fun capturing this sweet boy with his new baby brother. And baby just keeps sleeping away!

newborn baby boy in white swaddle wrap

Of course, we had to capture a quick shot of just baby in this soft all cream set up. Snuggled up in our cream cashmere swaddle wrap, baby was in dreamland. This bronze wire egg basket prop frames this look perfectly.

macro close up of baby lips

Remember those details that we think are so important? Lips are high on the priority list for all the macro shots taken during our newborn photography photo shoots in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Newborn Family Photography

family photo during a newborn photography session in Los Angeles

Once all the prop and sibling shots were done, we moved on to photographing the full family! Look how gorgeous this family of four is! Keeping their outfits in the lighter color palette, even baby boy matches with his swaddle wrap! Look at big brother’s smile- he was blowing us away with his willingness to participate in all the shots.

new parents and baby during los angeles newborn photography session

Mom and Dad loving on their newest addition.

Los Angeles Newborn Photography with Dad

daddy and his new baby boy

After family shots, we went into individual parent shots. Here we posed Dad with his newest son cradled in his arm. Nothing sweeter than seeing Dad gazing so lovingly at his boy. In the blink of an eye it will be hard to imagine that his boy was once this tiny, his head fitting in the palm of his hand.

baby held in parent hands

This shot has sky rocketed to easily our number one requested shot during every newborn photo shoot. Parents love the way baby look so tiny in their hands. There is a method to pull off this shot and it can be challenging to pull it off. It takes quite a bit of time in terms of set up and baby has to be very sleepy to achieve this. Sometimes this shot is done with bare baby and sometimes, like in this shot, baby is swaddled. Both ways are absolutely stunning and we are so happy to offer it during our new born photoshoots.

Los Angeles Newborn Photography with Mom

mom and newborn baby boy

Finally, it was mom’s turn with her new baby boy. We were absolutely in awe at how beautiful mom was, just days after giving birth and coming home from the hospital! She is absolutely glowing! The camera certainly loved her and this stunning image is one that we hope she will cherish forever. Her sweet boy was so chill and sleepy during this session, we had so much fun photographing both of them!

mom and new baby boy during newborn session
newborn photography near me los angeles

Last, we ended the session with this shot of mom and her new baby boy laying down. Cheek to cheek, her love for her new baby boy is captured forever.

A quote from Mom:

“It was such a pleasure working with you guys!  You really brought the best out of us and I can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you for an awesome experience!”

Here is a little video we put together from this session, as well:

So, your search for the best ‘Newborn Photography Near Me’ ends here! We understand that the arrival of a newborn is a time of joy, wonder, and incredible love. Our goal is to capture these emotions through our lens, offering you a collection of images that reflect the beauty and purity of your baby’s earliest days. Our sessions are tailored to be gentle and patient, accommodating the unique needs of your newborn. With us, every photograph tells a story – a story of a new life, a growing family, and the unbreakable bonds of love.

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